Dog by dog, we are leading a movement where all dogs receive the complete and comprehensive nutritional care they deserve. By doing so, we are inspiring a more joyful and tail-wagging path forward—one that is led by science, guided by experts, and above all, driven by heart.

  • Jamie G.

    Facilities and Lab Manager

    “ I enjoy working at Wild Earth because it is a place where my ideals align with the rest of our team. It is great working with a team who's goals focus on improving the environment and the health of our pets. ”

  • Yvonne W.

    Contract Manufacturing Manager

    “ I consider my role at Wild Earth not as a regular job, but as my calling. I have enjoyed the full freedom to show up for work as my authentic self and openly share, explore, and experiment with new ideas. ”

  • Electra C.

    Digital Marketing Associate

    “ It is important for me to work with a company that has the products and mission that I can personally stand behind and feel comfortable marketing. We are working to change the lives of dogs for the better while positively impacting the environment. ”